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Born / Raised
I was born in Japan along with five of my nine siblings. When I was 4 years old, my family moved to Portland. Since then, all but three years I have lived in the Portland metro area. We have lived in Damascus since 1993.

Gresham High School

I went into business at 19 years old as a Volkswagen repair mechanic in 1974; two years later I opened up a shop on Southeast 92nd Avenue in Portland where the business is prospering to this day.

Civic / Community Leadership
When the City of Damascus incorporated in 2004, I became involved mostly out of concern for the individual's rights as property owners.

  • Started an informal group called the Damascus Community Coalition
  • Rallied citizens in citywide events
  • Served on the C3 committee
  • Served on the Natural Features TST
As a small business owner since my youth, I spent my formative years learning how to make something work efficiently and effectively. As business people know, this can be a painfully slow process, but with perseverance it can produce lasting rewards. I have also learned that business really is all about people, and that people are for the most part reasonable; all they are asking for is an honest competent service for a fair price.

It is with this understanding I would like to as mayor, partner with you to contribute to the development of Damascus.

I have heard the people of Damascus say that they want to maintain the rural feel; they understand development is coming but they want to be heard in the process. Damascus citizens have paid in advance for a good product; we should get what we paid for. The best way for this to happen is to build into our plan flexibility to best fit the existing and future needs and wants of the people of Damascus.

Along with the physical plan of the city, we also have the social and economical values we can give ourselves to going forward. Perhaps if it were possible, we could build into the comprehensive plan humility, kindness, and transparency.

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